black propaganda

The Seven Steps to Getting a Job in Television




Yamaha's "Tenoni On" button-matrix sequencer


Richard Boxs' 'The Field' : It is only as the sun sets that the collaboration between installation artist Richard Box and Bristol University's physics department comes to life. A sea of household fluorescent tubes lights up around an overhead power line close to the M4 motorway, giving substance to the otherwise unnoticed electrical field that permeates the area.

The Khronos Projector is an interactive-art installation allowing people to explore pre-recorded movie content in an entirely new way. A classic video-tape allows a simple control of the reproducing process (stop, backward, forward, and elementary control on the reproduction speed). Modern digital players add little more than the possibility to perform random temporal jumps between image frames.

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The Not Applicable Artists

Working Class Hero(A portrait of John Lennon)ï¼ White Cube

Imagine flying like a bird through a musical composition that surrounds you, immerses you and reacts to your presence...from Squidsoup


Daito Manabe

Run Lola Run Lola Run Lola Run Lola Run from shiffman and Vimeo.