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this is doin it for me today - Cambodian Cassette Archives: Khmer Folk & Pop music Vol. 1 : (RS 87mb) Culled from over 150 ageing cassettes found at the Asian Branch of the Oakland Public Library in California, these recordings showcase a pre and post holocaust Cambodian musical lineage that can't be ignored.

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mr-lucky.blogspot.com : Soundtracks, big cinema or TV, Jazz-OST's, cinematic compositions, soundscapes, etc | Max Nagl - Super 8 (1997) (RS 83mb) Max Nagl, a bona fide Austrian who played clarinet in a marching band, has come through rock, jazz, Improv and film to produce this melange of plastic guitar, found sounds, TV samples and kitschy nostalgia tunes. Fist fights erupt David Shea-style as a backing to Jean De Florette melodica solos. Glockenspiel and accordion solos mingle with kitchen cutlery; Spaghetti Western shoot-outs with manic plastic guitar jams. All recorded onto a four track there´s a deft, spontaneous handheld camera feel - more roaming and impromptu than manic pastiche.

schizolipstick : Brain Melt Down for Mood Swings Afflictions. i like...

its against the law - just like murder

Spacemen 3 - Playing with Fire (Taang Records, 1994) (RS 97 mb)

This is doin it for me today : Baba Zula & Mad Professor - Ruhani Oyun Havalari Doublemoon - (97 mb)

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antville Music Video Awards 2006 : if you only watch one...

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iNDEXED : quite like this


Lâszlô Hortobâgyi : curious and prolific Hungarian composer - lots of his albums are here in mp3 - this one of ancient hungarian folksongs is doin it for me today




Lenin in Space : now i don't speak russian but...


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