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this is doin it for me today : Antenne's #2, this is worth listening to for the first track alone - black eyed Dog - Nick Drake. (50 mb megaupload)

Benn Loxo du taccu : Matt Yanchyshyn's African music for the masses.



About 200,000 workers from the umbrella Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, farmers and activists held a nationwide protest on Wednesday to demand legislation to protect non-unionised labour, a stop to South Korea -U.S. talks on a bilateral free trade agreement and a reform of the occupational safety laws

obey the cat

Nobody Here - Cool flash site

Bassoons, flamenco, monks' cowls ... welcome to the new rock underground : Mr Cope writes in the Guardian

thethingonthedoorstep.blogspot.com : eclectic industrial difficult hmmm

killer bees

The Angry Arab tells it like it is : "It is only fair that I say a word about the Lebanese Gemayyel family. No one family in Lebanon has made more contributions to the formulation of a Lebanese version of fascism than this family. Really. In this respect, one has to note that Pierre Gemayyel (the grandfather), and his son Bashir has made great efforts (with the help of Israel) to create a fascist movement for Lebanon modeled after the Nazi party. (As you may recall--search the archives below--Pierre Gemayyel (the grandfather of the assassinated minister--created the Phalanges Party after being impressed with the Nazi party when he observed it during the Olympic games of 1936.) The grandson, Pierre, had no influence in Lebanese politics, and his party, the Phalanges, has become marginal and insignificant. In fact, he was brought into the cabinet by the Harriri dynasty because they were trying to avoid appointing ministers who have bigger standing among Lebanese Christians (like the `Awn movement)."

Trap Door -- An International Psychedelic Mystery Mix (90 mb r/S) this is rather fine as well : Tripped out funky psychedelia from around the globe

this is doin it for me today - The King meets the Evil Genius - "E.T. Mensah and Dr. Victor Olaiya making a duet album. Two giants of West African Indigenous music putting heads together, blowing horns and singing on the same vinyl!! What a heart-warming thing to do. What can be more befitting as a sovenir (sic) of highlife music.

how to handle those pesky complaints from employees (via arthur blog)

neko-interrupted.blogspot.com : cats of the middle east

magicofjuju.blogspot.com : good shit maynard

ok ok so i've been busy at work. gonna try to breathe some life back into this sorry excuse for a blog and see how we go. saddle up


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