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Child killed by military fire in the Gaza strip : A Palestinian medical reported, on Thursday at night, that Israeli soldiers shot and killed a nine-year old Palestinian child near the Kissufim Crossing in the central Gaza Strip.

A six per cent democracy : Yesterday just over 6% of the Palestinian electorate in occupied East Jerusalem were granted the opportunity to vote in their city in the second Palestinian parliamentary elections - a total of 6,300 out of a population of nearly a quarter of a million (including children). Yet even the lucky 6,300 - the number permitted by Israel to vote is entirely arbitrary - faced a campaign of intimidation to discourage voting.


gmtplus9 : ahh and i thought this excellent blog had bitten the dust but its just been hiding away.

The Little Marcy Zone : The worlds of Christian music and children's records have commingled for ages, and certainly both have seen their fair share of imaginative gimmicks and bizarre channels of creative expression. Few, however, can equal the legacy of Little Marcy




Sunburned Hand of the Man return to UK in Feb/March - rejoice : these guys played one of the best gigs I saw last year...

Joe Sacco's comic on Iraqi prisoner abuse by US troops (pdf)

climate indymedia

ChrisGoesRock's Favourites : Old guy who like old music....


V/Vm 365 : So V/VM Records are doing a 'lets upload stuff every day for a year' type thingy. interesting

Get Happy

Agitation Free - Malesch (1972) : (win rar via rapidshare) been enjoying this album of strange psychedelicness. give it a go...(via Garden of Delights)

MagicGallery.com : Vintage magic posters and related items from the golden age of magic, 1890 - 1930.

weareie.com : Useless information about stuff you don't need to know. check out his link to an old jungle compilation 'Sovereign Ryhthms'...

ok my hat is in the ring. Dubstep? don't get it. Sounds like badly produced jungle played at the wrong speed. Correct me if I'm wrong here...

Ex-British Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray on Why He Defied UK Foreign Office by Posting Classified Memos Blasting U.S., British Support of Torture by Uzbek Regime (Democracy Now)

Mushrooms for Impact

The complete text for Chris Marker's 'San Soliel'

CTheory Bits Good Words and Sounds - Speshli Paul Hegarty's Stuff - Nice big archive too



Coil gig from '03 (mp3 and video)

Sundance Film Festival has all their short films online


ASBO TV pioneered in Shoreditch

Deather$ucker Records MP3's

Editing Chavez to Manufacture a Slur : Some outlets spread spurious charges of anti-Semitism. It began with a bulletin from the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles (1/4/06) accusing Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez of invoking an old anti-Semitic slur. In a Christmas Eve speech, the Center said, Chavez declared that "the world has wealth for all, but some minorities, the descendants of the same people that crucified Christ, have taken over all the wealth of the world."

Lightning Bolt "Halloween 2003, Live" : (music video .mov)

Alternative energy sources: Food, and fuel, for thought : Vegetable oil has emerged from the larder as a cheap, eco-friendly alternative to dwindling fossil fuels. But its supporters are outraged at new tax hikes that may stop them in their tracks. By Oliver Duff


musicforyoureyes.blogspot.com : Vintage rock music videos from a past glorious age.

whole lotta love : party party (mp3)

8daysinapril.blogspot.com : another excellent phreakout downloader. I quite like this little network

indymedia coverage of African World Social Forum taking place in Mali

US trying to "buy" the Palestinian election by Helena Cobban

One of the British national daily newspapers is asking readers "what it means to be British?". This is an email from someone in Switzerland: "Being British is about driving in a German car to an Irish pub for a Belgian beer, then travelling home, grabbing an Indian curry or a Turkish kebab on the way, to sit on Swedish furniture & watch American shows on a Japanese TV. And the most British thing of all? Suspicion of anything foreign".

Robert Fisk: My challenge for Steven Spielberg

UN troops accused of attacking hospital in Haiti


Mark Jenkins : DC based street artist/prankster

World's Smallest Games Site : Play pong and other games in the smallest game screen ever.

anti-war rally pics : interesting gallery of anti-war pics taken in San Fransisco.

Annual Amnesty International Lecture: Noam Chomsky, 'The War on Terror', (full text) (pdf)

rare-posters.com : authentic vintage and antique posters including military, travel and advertising.

Gentle Genocide satirical flash animation about Sudan

Shut Up and Play Volume One - Forgettable Moments on Stage (via wfmu) : "Ranging from Klaus Kinski's "I Am Jesus" tour to Jim Morrison's drunken on-stage ravings to regrettable ramblings from Elvis and Mike Love, Shut Up and Play isolates amusing between-song banter from the distracting musical numbers that often accompany it."

insect & individual : an assortment of kraut, prog, free jazz, avant, diy punk, and uncategorizable recordings highlighted by nurse with wound on the legendary/infamous nww list.

Japanese Psych-out : A useful list of Japanese psychedelic, progressive, experimental & heavy rock.


Hollywood's new politics : Founding eBay made Jeff Skoll a billionaire. Now he is doing something very different - producing political movies that recall the rabble-rousing days of Warren Beatty and Robert Redford, and turning American filmgoers into grassroots activists

Heavway to Stairwen - Del Nileppez : Stairway to Heaven: The Quarter-Note Version (MP3)

Police, Army Robots to Debut in 5 Years (Korea Times)

The VJ Book: Inspirations and Practical Advice for Live Visuals Performance

Interview about rampART free cinema evenings : If you happen to pop along, tell 'em Blackpropaganda sent you.

Top 65 Music Videos of 2005 : most of these are downloadable. Not sure about his choice though...

robotbastard.com : The future is a cooler place than you might imagine. Robot Bastard exists in an eight-grade-boy universe of Robots, Rocket ships and cute girls. Escape to the colorful adventure in the first installment of Robot Bastard! Yes, geeks of the world, this is the one you've been praying for.

Download a 1971 filmstrip on The Birth of Electronic Music from Got LoFi, in two parts (as mp4 files no less): Part 1 and Part 2 (links are to web pages rather than directly to mp4s).

getlofi.com : Circuit Bending and Synth building blog for beginners and pros alike. Featuring Circuit Bending resources that include: Tips, images, audio, and video. The lowdown on my new instruments, Glitch art, Minimalist ideas, electronic music, etc.


Davinche - Sometimes.mp3 : Nice dubstep (genre hairsplitters say 'grime') take on that old rave belter Ft.Candy Staton.


Ethiopian opponents denied bail : A group of Ethiopian opposition leaders, aid workers and journalists - facing treason, conspiracy and genocide charges have been denied bail. (BBC)

The Manual : Useful.

Computer Music - Tutorials : Effing useful!


Kunstbar What the words 'Arty-farty' were invented for. Nice animation though. Also, its dated 2002, so you may have seen it before.