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FBI investigating incidents on Infoshop News and Flag.blackened.net

Peakoil.com | Peakoil.org

Grand Theft Audio : Bristol Internet Radio


Mark Romanek : Music Videos (Beck's devils haircut etc - directed one hour photo...

Earth As Art Here you can view our planet through the beautiful images taken by the Landsat-7 satellite - and most recently, the Terra Satellite's Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER).

Biting Toungues by Faultline. Video by Vernie Yeung at RSA Films(blackdog)

"Sprout and the Bean" by Joanna Newsom (3.7mb QT)

David Lynch : Commercials, Ads and Promos

Fresh details emerge of Iraqis' abuse by American soldiers Damning evidence of American soldiers abusing detainees at another prison in Iraq was made public yesterday. It details how prisoners were "systematically and intentionally mistreated" at a military base in Mosul, culminating in the death of one. Nobody was court-martialled over the abuse.

Lynch mob justice encouraged by US financed Iraqi TV

stealing the show poster : from (number27.org)

Useless Magazine

Jellybones Video by The Unicorns

Zed : Open Source television from Germany

How many 5 year-olds could you take in a fight? Right now there are Thirty Two pages of debate on this topic, more than 80 comments on MetaFilter and plenty more discussions around the Web.

Noam Chomsky Edinburgh Lecture (webcast)

believe : new chemical brothers video


The Old Negro Space Program : The shocking but false story of America's Blackstronauts

AmericaFree.TV America Free & Creative Commons TV : Internet Television as it should be.

Digital video: Editing

Cinema Minima : Personal Digital Cinema: news service for movie-makers


Field of Vision : Ian Clutterbuck

Sebastiao Salgado: The Photographer as Activist (webcast)

Oh what a lovely war on terror it's been for Halliburton Halliburton, the world's largest military private contractor, has made at least $8bn (£4.3bn) in war-torn Iraq - doing everything from washing American troops' laundry to setting up vital oil supplies. Now, a critically well-placed army employee says contracts were unfairly awarded to Halliburton, whose chief executive used to be US Vice-President Dick Cheney.

Foxblocker.com : Shut The FOX Up

Photoshop for Photographers


easter up your ass



High School seniors animation Infringing teenager's awesome They Might Be Giants video | U.F.O. Hawaii radio show (50mb mp3) via boingboing

Registan.net : From Kyrgyzstan

Yahoo! Creative Commons Search engine (beta)

Banksy Hits New York's Most Famous Museums (All of them) ( via Wooster Collective )

Phil Donahue: "We Have an Emergency in the Media and We Have to Fix It" Phil Donahue was on in the same time slot as Fox's Bill O'Reilly. But the show didn't last long. In fact, it didn't even last a year, even though it was MSNBC's top-rated program. When Donahue was fired, the network moved to hire a string of right-wing hosts.

CHARLES DARWIN HAS A POSSE -- free bookmarks and stickers


Scent of a Robot - Peter Miser : groovy music vid

Deltron 3030, "Virus" Flash Video


Dustball : watched this twice when I first viewed - always a good sign...

BEATERATOR : wow you can do this now?

Delivery : a short movie by Till Nowak. A Lovely enviromental sci-fi themed thing. (via mefi)

Edelweiss Pirates They wore their hair long, sang songs by banned Jewish composers and fought the Nazi regime. But history has so far remembered Cologne's Edelweiss Pirates as criminals rather than resistance fighters...until now.

Real Photographs of Jesus and Mary Collected from the Web

Purple Banana are putting on a one-off reunion after 4 years on 26th March 2005 this will be a night for Palestinian medical and education relief featuring Rediffusion (live laptop set), Sam (State of Bengal), D (Fundamental) and Purple Banana Soundsystem DJ's expect a party atmosphere with breaks, minimal techno, beats at Bardens, 38-44 Stoke Newington High Road, N16: from 8 till v late

Robert Frank Colouring Book

Click For Chicks Give a brood of chickens to an African farmer this Easter. Much better for you than chocolate.

ReportAuctionFraud.com Keep the eBay scammers at... err, bay. It's amazing what kind of rubbish we can get sent to our mobiles these days. Still, I'm all for the site in principle.

Palestinians demonstrate against Annan's Ramallah visit Thousands of Palestinians demonstrated against United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan during his visit in Ramallah yesterday, protesting his refusal to visit the construction sites of the separation barrier in the city...As Annan spoke, Palestinian policemen restrained hundreds of protesters at the main gate of the government compound in Ramallah. Demonstrators carried signs reading "Resist the wall until its collapse" and scuffled with police.


Rother-Moebius and Githead | Ether 2005 | Michael Rother and Dieter Moebius are two of the most influential and experimental electronic artists in the world. Having combined forces in the bands Neu! and Harmonia the two have worked with some of the biggest artists in the genre including Brian Eno and Kraftwerk. Also on the bill are Githead, a new project, comprising the talents of Robin Rimbaud, better known as Scanner, Colin Newman of Wire and Malka Spigel.

Phantom Beats Saw a video tonight by this crew for an old track of theirs called 'growler'. I quite liked it. They appear to be leftovers from the 'bigbeat' explosion...


spike jonze adidas commercial

Mark E. Smith, "Hot dog's in the far-out zone" NME, July 30 1988


Florian Fricke Interview

Judge Dismisses Agent Orange Lawsuit A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit Thursday charging that American chemical companies committed war crimes against some 4 million Vietnamese citizens by making Agent Orange, the military defoliant that allegedly caused birth defects, miscarriages and cancer.

Discoglossus nigriventer


BBC says sorry to Israel The BBC has bowed to an Israeli demand for a written apology from its deputy bureau chief in Jerusalem, Simon Wilson, who was barred from the country for failing to submit for censorship an interview with the nuclear whistleblower, Mordechai Vanunu.

Animation Archives

Mike Whitney: Saddam's Capture, Another Bush Lie?

been sick. yuck hence listening to alot of Parliament on R4. What is going on with this "sunset clause"? anybody?


Between thought and expression: Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash


U.N. 'explodes' American kids A new United Nations campaign designed to get the public involved in the global fight against landmines is apparently too explosive for American television, as it depicts children being blown apart on a soccer field.


submedia Why I Love Shoplifting From Big Corporations (film)

Cinelerra Linux video editing software

d y n e : b o l i c - | The LiveCD List | Knoppix | Ubuntu

Google Gives Behind-the-Scenes Peek

Aljazeera.Net - Falluja Meanwhile, a reconstruction conference in the devastated city of Falluja has called for an international committee to investigate the use of illegal weapons by US forces in their offensive against the town last November. Falluja residents have alleged that US forces used chemical weapons during the offensive - a charge the Americans deny. more here

Ohio's Odd Numbers Are the stories of vote suppression and rigged machines to be believed? Here is "non-wacko" evidence that something went seriously awry in the Buckeye State on Election Day 2004.


Angry Arab on mainstream US Media a woman on Fox News, asked me: do you believe the US was the "great Satan?" What do you say to that? What do you say when you are somebody who does not believe in God or in Satan, and have to respond to such an idiotic question? How can you respond to that? I said to her, that you will never find me speaking this kind of language that is used by Iran and its supporters? And she came to say, but "did you not oppose the war in Afghanistan"? What kind of (il)logical leap is that? I said how did you go from here to there? She did not even see why I was shocked. I came to realize I was being invited to showcase "an angry Arab" so to speak.


Copy, Right?

Guardian- M&S pulls ads from Mail group The struggling high-street retailer has withdrawn all adverts from the Daily Mail, the Mail on Sunday and London's Evening Standard. The decision followed a series of articles criticising the management team led by Stuart Rose, particularly in the Daily Mail and its Sunday sister title.

Giant Steps by Michal Levy sweet bit of animation utilising John Coltrane. One of the most mature bits of flash I've ever seen - nearly as good as Flyguy...

Aljazeera.Net - Israel to seize more Palestinian land The area to be seized encompasses more than 10sq km of land in the southern West Bank, especially in the Hebron region. According to the confiscation orders, which were published on Wednesday, the Israeli army will expropriate the land extending from the village of al-Burj to southern Yatta.

The Wilhelm Scream A series of short painful screams performed by an actor were recorded in 1951 for the Warner Brother's film "Distant Drums." They were used for a scene where a man is bitten and dragged underwater by an alligator. The recording was archived into the studio's sound effects library -- and it was used in many of their films since. "Star Wars" Sound Designer Ben Burtt tracked down the scream recording - which he named "Wilhelm" after a character who let out the same scream in the film "Charge at Feather River." Ben has adopted the scream as sort of a personal sound signature, and has included it in many of the films he has worked on. He and a small circle of sound effects people, including myself and Richard Anderson, continue the crusade to keep Wilhelm alive. The Wilhelm Scream continues to be heard in new films every year

MC Miker Gee and DJ Sven - the holiday rap(mp3)

The Horse Hospital

Old Skool hip-hop Flyers from back in the day...


Reporters Without Borders blasts US al-Jazeera Iraq ban

iranian trees


The New Face of America? Good Flash presentation on torture by the American Cilvil Liberties Union.

cheap0: budget airlines in Europe made easy cheap0.com is a unique resource to help you make the most of budget flying in Europe. With the distinct aim of being the most accurate and complete resource available.

WordPress 1.5 hmmm


Propaganda Images From Soviet Magazines There are about 700 pictures on this site. They come from a Soviet magazine "Radio" and were never published before on the Internet.

Independent Press Was a Target in Iraq by Danny Schechter. On March 8, 2003, 12 days before the invasion, Kate Aidie, then a war correspondent for the BBC, said on RTE radio in Ireland that she was told by Pentagon officials "that any [satellite] uplinks by journalists would be fired on" by coalition aircraft. What they were doing was creating an environment of intimidation and threat. This was a ploy to ensure that the reporters who did go to Iraq without Pentagon cooperation would be blamed when anything happened.

Query Letters I Love Query letters are letters sent to agents or studios containing brief pitches for movie scripts. Ideally, they are short and follow certain formal rules. In reality, however, they are hilarious. (via memepool)

A collection of remarkable vintage Soviet Russian animation clips

Jump Cut 47 A REVIEW OF CONTEMPORARY MEDIA winter 2005. Amongst this is a great resource on all things Abu-Ghraib related.

Listen to Old Time Music from 78s This site contains 701 recordings of 78 rpm records in Realaudio format. The music is early country music, string bands, dance calls, sacred harp, skits, ballads, popular songs, etc. The recordings were made in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s.

Cubelog The weblog of the Cube Microplex in Bristol.

Happy Slap Video Meme What happens when you mix video phones and violent people? This.

IRARK / monochrom Video-mashup combining audio from Rambo and CNN footage of the Iraq war.

Face up to the facts on the ground writes Karma Nabulsi, Arab Media Watch advisor, research fellow at Nuffield College, Oxford, and former PLO representative. Far from bolstering a serious peace process, Tony Blair's Middle East conference in London today could even make things worse. The "international donor" crowd, who have been invited to London to encourage the Palestinian authority to reform itself, have an expression to sum up the utter disaster of the failed project to create a state in Palestine during the Oslo process years of 1993 to 2003: "facts on the ground". This is a euphemism for Israeli occupation policies that killed Oslo and have come close to destroying the possibility of a two-state solution - territorial expansion into occupied Palestine by settlement expansion, by road and infrastructure construction and, more recently, by building the separation wall inside the West Bank.

The Gigapxl™ camera captures single exposures on film with enough resolvable detail to support scanning at resolutions up to four billion pixels. Really have a look at this. (Via Bifur rivets)

50p Badges

.:. hearing double .:. The Beatles' 1966 album, Revolver, mashed for 2005.

Boing Boing: Media professors' brief on why P2P should be legal