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mutant-sounds.blogspot.com : fine fine fine


Genghis Blues Original Soundtrack (95 mb RS) The Story of a Blind Blues Musician's Triumphant Journey to the Lost Land of Tuva. If you like Tuvan throat singing and we do round these parts - then give it a whirl

The Thing On The Doorstep


Wolf Eyes with Anthony Braxton : noise + saxophone - When word started going around at the Victoriaville Musique Actuelle Festival in Quebec in 2005 that saxophonist Anthony Braxton wanted to sit in on noizemakers Wolf Eyes' set, most people dismissed it. But the meeting did take place and that led to the Wolf Eyes-Anthony Braxton album, Black Vomit, which was voted No. 14 among the top 50 albums of 2006 by Wire magazine.

From Aladdin to Lost Ark, Muslims get angry at 'bad guy' film images (Guardian) : Crude and exaggerated stereotypes are fuelling Islamophobia, says study. Popular films ranging from Hollywood blockbusters to children's cartoons are depicting "crude and exaggerated" stereotypes of Muslims and perpetuating Islamophobia, according to a study published today. A report by the Islamic Human Rights Commission argues that films as diverse as The Siege, a portrayal of a terrorist attack on New York starring Denzel Washington and Bruce Willis, the Disney film Aladdin and the British comedy East is East have helped demonise Muslims as violent, dangerous and threatening, and reinforce prejudices.

Butthole Surfers - Cherub 1987

Caribou - Start Breaking My Heart ( sendspace 72 mb ) happpy days

The Mayfair Set by Adam Curtis. Well worth the download this ( 900 mb - 3hours : use this website to get grab an AVI )by the same film maker who did 'the power of nightmares' and 'the century of the self'. Quality stuff and gives a damning account of the whole Saudi arms dealing debacle which the current labour govt are covering up nicely.


Get my kit on - I'm looking to get a new laptop, furnish it with some new music kit and turn a spare room into a studio. Here are some links, I wanted to keep somewhere special. njoy!













BBC documentaries on google video

Trippy 12-minute 1960s film by Toshio Matsumoto, whose work influenced Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange.

careful with those hotdogs now


ANIMA MUNDI - THE SOUL OF THE WORLD : Anima Mundi is a film about animals. It contains no actors, ... all » has not plot and has no script. Anima Mundi was created by Godfrey Reggio who also created Koyaanisqatsi.


Manuel Gottsching - E2-E4 Hmmm so the story goes like this Manuel Gottsching (Founding member of Ash-Ra Tempel) A Groundbreaking early electronic track which had a massive influence on some of the pioneers of modern dance mucic... Derrick May said that he and his friends would listen to the whole LP over and over again for weeks, Juan Atkins said the same and it fit in with his early vision of Science fiction music from outer space, and clearly had an influence on his early Model 500 / Metroplex output. The whole LP lasts well over 40 minutes, and instead of individual tracks, the LP is a continuous track arranged into phases, with subtle changes in instrumentation whilst maintaining the same background rift and light beat. Sampled a million times since, most notably on "Sueno Latino". Very Inspiring and deep music.

Superb short film from 1952 by Norman Mclaren

those that travel inside's Journal : ambient community

Alexander Thomas | Pamelia Kurstin : Two talented Therimin players - worth a peek


Now is the winter of our discon-tent Cool homeless camp-out demo in French capital. Can't believe I came up with that headline. My talents are wasted in Public Sector Corporate Communications. Now, where's that CV?


Campaigners in Bristol have altered a ‘benefit cheats’ billboard so the original message targeting people working illegally while on benefit, now highlights the governments decision to halt an inquiry into a corrupt arms deal with Saudi Arabia.

Find files (mp3, Movies,...) hosted at Free File Hosts using Google : This handy tool will use Google to find files hosted at free file hoster like rapidshare.de or Megaupload.


Berg Sans Nipple - Along The Quai (RS 192kbps cbr) : this is so doin it for me today. This is by far the best album of the year. I can't understand why these guys aren't huge yet...


idm/electronic music exchange : this community is a beautiful thing

www.secondhandsongs.com - Settles pub quiz-generated arguments about cover versions, like 'What Smiths song did awfull Russian lesbopop outfit t.A.T.u. ruin?'. You can skip between coverers and coverees seemlessly. Usefully links to itunes too. Its How soon is now, by the way.


Every Little Hurts - I keep getting mysteriously lured away from shopping ethically by ads for cheap shit made and sold by evil companies with dubious environmental records and, above all, poor customer service. So, I made this top ten to keep me on the straight and narrow. Let’s not forget our local shops either, even high st chains are getting mashed up by the big supermarket beginning with T.

1. Rate my shopping - www.ethiscore.org

2. Bankers not wankers - www.co-operativebank.co.uk

3. Dog and bone (and broadband) without the moan - www.phone.coop/

4. Anyway, I think wind turbines look sexy and futuristic in the countyside. Don’t bitch, just switch - www.ecotricity.co.uk

5. No honestly, worms really are the way forward - www.wigglywigglers.com

6. No sweat shirts - www.howies.co.uk

7. Bargain hunters drive slave trade - www.labourbehindthelabel.org

8. Food glorious food - www.whyorganic.org

9. Fuck nike - www.adbusters.org/blackspotshoes

10. Not just free cycles but free everything - http://uk.freecycle.org