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music.brainwash.ru : another dodgy russian site where you can download albums for free.


Insultmonger.com - How to insult in Croatian : I think 'the scottish one' must allready be in Croatia as all his posts have gone quiet. Shame. This might have come in handy.


The largest one day strike in Britain since 1926: It's not just the French that are revolting - from Indymedia.

Deepcut & Beyond: Woah oh oh! You're in the army now.


thebox2.free.fr : Beatbox is back in a big way, especially on the web. Just...tut clik chk-bom chk-bom clik chk-bom...type 'beatbox' into google or wikipedia and you'll see what I mean.... to-the-brake-o-dawn, to-the-brake-o-dawn. Larda merci! etc. etc.


pasttensemusic.blogspot.com : Past Tense - A música "esquecida" dos 60's


Ivor Cutler - Shoplifters

ELECTRONIC MUSIC LINKS : Links to electronic music sets

Twilight Zone : ride your pony

Hearwax : Reggae, Dub MP3 site

Tom Waits : Live MP3's from his European Tour in 2000.


OpenDir ®


Copyshop - Copy Shop is an ingenious, visually stunning film about a man who works in a copy shop and copies himself until he fills the whole world. This Oscar nominated film actually consists of nearly 18,000 photocopied digital frames, which are animated and filmed with a 35mm camera.

Amazing Interview with Steve Stapleton AKA Nurse With Wound

N&B RESEARCH : experimental Finnish Label

Charivarious Section : interesting collection of music here


Robert Fisk: Somebody is trying to provoke a civil war in Iraq. (video and transcript of interview on Austrailian ABC Lateline via information clearing house)

Poll: Troops signal desire to come home : Stars and Stripes reports that the poll of 944 US troops in Iraq, conducted by Zogby International, found that only 23 percent of service members felt that the US should "stay as long as needed." Although the poll, conducted in January and February of 2006, was carried out without Pentagon approval, Zogby International said they did have the approval of commanders in Iraq.

A nation of beggars By Amira Hass : ...For it is not natural disasters that have transformed the Palestinians into a nation that lives on handouts from the world; it is Israel's accelerating colonialist process. One facet of this is the continued takeover of Palestinian lands (whether "private" or public lands, it is the same thing), expansion of construction only for Jews, and de facto annexation by Israel of extensive tracts of Palestinian territory, while simultaneously breaking up the West Bank into enclaves and enclosures for Palestinians.

Israeli 'ruler-in-waiting' plans to starve Hamas : She is already being spoken of as an Israeli leader in waiting. Today the Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni brings to London the campaign to destabilise the incoming Hamas Palestinian government by starving it of cash.

Pig's head left at mosque : Police have discovered a severed pig's head impaled on the railings outside Ponders End mosque in Enfield. Nazi symbols have also been daubed inside two telephone kiosks outside the mosque.


reconfiguration-records.com : home of 'hey lets break' vol 1-3. Quite like this Jason Forrest track "we got the harder beat" - sounds like the bangles?

sounddogs.com | Partners in Ryhme : Resource for Multimedia Projects, soundfx etc


La Jetee by Chris Marker

Videomania : good WFMU blog entry on Video upload Websites + useful link to download directly from Youtube etc + great collection of far out videos from a guy called Popefucker. Let us play

There is now a systematic campaign to assassinate Iraqis who speak out against the occupation : In a letter to a friend in Europe, Abdul Razaq al-Na'as, a Baghdad university professor in his 50s, grieved for his killed friends and colleagues. His letter concluded: "I wonder who is next!" He was. On January 28 al-Na'as drove from his office at Baghdad University. Two cars blocked his, and gunmen opened fire, killing him instantly. Al-Na'as is not the first academic to be killed in the mayhem of the "new Iraq". Hundreds of academics and scientists have met this fate since the March 2003 invasion. Baghdad universities alone have mourned the killing of over 80 members of staff. The minister of education stated recently that during 2005, 296 members of education staff were killed and 133 wounded.

Alan Rickman slams 'censorship' of play about US Gaza activist : "A New York theatre company has put off plans to stage a play about an American activist killed by an Israeli bulldozer in Gaza because of the current "political climate" - a decision the play's British director, Alan Rickman, denounced yesterday as "censorship". James Nicola, the artistic director of the New York Theatre Workshop, said it had never formally announced it would be staging the play, My Name is Rachel Corrie, but it had been considering staging it in March."

War Corporatism: The New Fascism : An animated look at the dogs of War Corporatism unleashed upon the world by Bush and the PNAC as stated in the September 2000 document Rebuilding America's Defenses. From knife-party.net

And Now Come the Death Squads : Hundreds of Iraqis are being tortured to death or summarily executed every month in Baghdad alone by death squads working from the Ministry of the Interior, the United Nations' outgoing human rights chief in Iraq has revealed. John Pace, who left Baghdad two weeks ago, told us on Sunday that up to three-quarters of the corpses stacked in the city's mortuary show evidence of gunshot wounds to the head or injuries caused by drill-bits or burning cigarettes. Much of the killing, he said, was carried out by Shia Muslim groups under the control of the Ministry of the Interior. (via counterpunch)

U.S. Opposes U.N.'s Planned Rights Panel : The Bush administration will oppose a U.N.-backed resolution calling for the creation of a council to expose the world's worst human rights abusers, John R. Bolton, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, said Monday.

Tom Wintringham : I watched 'The Real Dads Army' the other night on the box and it recounted this fabulous story about a WW2 Guerilla training School at Osterley Park that was set up by Tom Wintringham and others. It was very effective and they trained 5000 people but it scared the willys out of the British establishment. Apparently it lasted three months before MI5 and the Army took it over as they feared it was being run by a bunch of revolutionary socialists. Damn

Congratulations to Tim and Mel in Bristol on their New Summer Arrival - way to go!

James Brown - 4 part BBC Radio Documentary:Outa sight!