black propaganda

( via memepool )I'm sure everyone out there knows about "Star Wars Episode 1.1:The Phantom Edit":a re-edit of George Lucas' heartbreakily crappy1999 "Star Wars" trilogy prequel. This labor of love by an (at the time) anoymous fan removes much of the hated Jar Jar, redubs the aliens with better (and less racist) dialog and, overall, did what Lucas' millions of dollars could not: make it watchable. More importantly, "The Phantom Edit" was the first so-called fan edit to make it beyond the tight knit circle of blackmarket dub vendors at sci-fi conventions. A more recent, and in hindsight inevitable, re-edit is "Matrix Dezionized" which combines the episodes 2 and 3 of the "Matrix" trilogy in order to eliminate some fan-hated scenes (most notably the post-apocalyptic rave) including nearly every mention Zion, and some (but not nearly enough) of the incoherent, three-bong-hit philosophy of the Warchoski brothers. Other, more obscure fanedits, such as "Star Trek VII: Kirkless Generations","27 days later", "Jailbird" (an edit of "Con Air") and, oddly enough, "13 Going On 30: Extra Flirty"follow the same pattern: disliked scenes are removed, dialog is changed (where possible) and action is tightened. Perhaps the most obscure, and least watchable, is "Hannibalized", a amateur re-edit of Ridley Scott's slasher flick "Hannibal". Claiming to have "more Hannibal and less Starling", this edit removed all the scenes that made softened Hannibal Lecter's character, many of the character building scenes involving Clarice Starling, and re-included some of Scott's deleted scenes, such as the infamous steering wheel licking scene.