black propaganda

(letter sent in to media lens) It is so heartening to know that at least someone is voicing the words of sanity. More power to you. I served with the British Army in Northern Ireland - in Belfast. We felt very much that we were in the wrong place trying to do a job we were not qualified to do, but all our officers convinced us that we were fulfilling a police role. At the time, I remember one officer remarking that the solution was simple: every time that a sniper fired at one of our patrols, we should simply bring in a tank, or an RAF strike and take out the whole house. Many a head nodded, and many a voice said, "that would teach them" ... "they wouldn't do that again in a hurry". The very thought of all the innocent civilians that would have been killed for the sake of one IRA sniper was sickening. Watching the Israeli film on Dutch television of rockets being fired from a blocks of flats in Beirut, and then witnessing the obliteration of the whole area by Israeli retaliation, the analogy is almost impossible to avoid. This is barbarism, not civilisation. Yours respectfully, Simon North.