black propaganda

Arab nations deeply suspicious of US motives -poll : The Shibley Telhami six country survey of Arab public opinion is now officially out. (It surveyed Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the UAE in October). First I'll note some of the headline findings about Arab attitudes towards the United States, Iraq, democracy, and al-Qaeda, and then (as is my way) concentrate on its findings about Arab media preferences (and thanks to Shibley for including this question). The headline findings: "The United States has been actively advocating the spread of democracy in the Middle East especially since the Iraq war." 6% believe that this is "an important objective that will make a difference"; 16% believe that this is "an important objective, going about it the wrong way"; 69% "do not believe that democracy is a real objective." "Did the war with Iraq bring more peace or less peace in the Middle East"? 6% more, 81% less. "Did the war in Iraq cause more or less terrorism?" 78% more, 10% less. "Did the war in Iraq create more or less democracy?" 9% more, 58% less. "Are the Iraqi people better or worse off after the war?" 4% better, 77% worse.