black propaganda

Amira Hass - How the PA failed : The PA, as opposed to Iceland or Bangaladesh, is neither a country nor a state. It is a bureaucratic-political system with limited administrative and governmental authority over a population of approximately three and a half million people. It has no authority or control over central elements that define a people's sovereignty: land, water, minerals, borders, freedom of movement, freedom to make decisions such as change of address and the right of residence for non-citizens, the awarding of citizenship, and the entry of tourists. An Israel Defense Forces soldier at an out-of-the-way checkpoint has more say in these matters than the PA. For example, last Sunday IDF soldiers at the Beit Furiq checkpoint east of Nablus prevented the passage of Palestinians between the ages of 16 and 30 until further notice. That was the order, the soldiers made clear. Among those whose passage was prohibited were school children, students and people on their way to work in Nablus - the IDF does not define work and studies as "humanitarian needs" that would allow the soldiers flexibility in interpreting their orders.